AGM 280mm Quadcopter QAV280 Lieber Hawk 280mm FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter
  • AGM 280mm Quadcopter QAV280 Lieber Hawk 280mm FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter

AGM 280mm Quadcopter QAV280 Lieber Hawk 280mm FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter

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Lieber Hawk 280 uses an all-in-one flight control system
  compatible with the mainstream transmitters for example JR, Futaba.
  Specifically chosen to run 2204~2150KV motors with 6 inch propellers, to reach exciting new speeds.
  Due to the use of extremely lightweight pure carbon fibre material and the all-in-one flight control system, allows for the flight weight to be as light as 340~360g (not including battery).
  This means you will be able to accelerate quick off the mark, remarkably responsive and stable flight.
  The frame is of the X4 model, the diameter between the motors is 280mm.
  The thickness of the fuselage is only a meer 1.5mm, pure carbon fibre supports for lightweight but a strong structure.
  The arms all have a thickness of 3mm, also made from carbon fibre.

Newly researched all-in-one flight control system includes the following functions:
  4x 20A speed controller (Simon K oneshot settings installed)

* Adjustable 32 channel 5.8G-600MW video transmitter
  * OpenPilot CC3D flight controller~ Adjustable LED power output
  * Adjustable on/off echolocation device
  * 5V or 12V FPV camera power and video output
  * input power built in XT-60 socket

The all-in-one flight control system reduces the need for complicated soldering hence trimming down the weight of the wires resulting in extraordinary performance.

Components required for normal flight:
  * 3~4S 1400~2300mAh Lipo Batteries (flight time 12~20minutes)
  * At least 5 channels or above transmitter with mini receiver
  * 21x21mm camera with 5V or 12V input
  * 5.8G video output device with receiving capabilities

Package :
  1 x AGM 280
  1 x Manual
  1 x Camera
  4 x Propeller
  4 x MT Motor
  1 x All-in-one flight control system board
  600mW Tx or 400mW Tx
1 x Mini CC3D Control

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